Audio Reporting

“HIV News Feature” – Short News Feature for USC Annenberg Media – 2022

“Try Harder”Short Audio Documentary on ADHD in Women2021

“Lost Things, Found Things”Short Audio Documentary on an Unexpected Encounter2021

Creative Nonfiction

“I Realized… I Can’t Always Plan”Duke Magazine – Special Edition 2020

“Excuse Me”George Lucaci Award for Creative Nonfiction 2nd Place at Duke University2019

Digital & Print Reporting

“Gloria Steinem, the Duchess of Sussex, and Jessica Yellin on Abortion Rights, the ERA, and Why They Won’t Give Up Hope” – Vogue.com, additional reporting by Thalia Halloran – 2022


“What Have I Done To You?” – Reynolds Price Award for Fiction at Duke University – 2022

“Red Tide”Anne Flexner Award for Fiction at Duke University – 2021

“Blonde” – Anne Flexner Award for Fiction & Rudolph William Rosati Creative Writing Award at Duke University2020

“Cheshire”Reynolds Price Award for Fiction at Duke University2019


“animal instincts”American Academy of Poets Prize 2nd Place at Duke University 2020