An abstract pink collage with large horizontal gaps missing, which have been curled around the edges. Rainbow stripes and a few colorful spirals and swirls take up the center. A large black X features on the most-exposed pink section on the right. On the left, a sort of staircase feature emerges upwards off the page, but leads nowhere. It is also blocked off by a pink spiral arm in front of it.

“Girlboss Boot Camp” (2022)
What is feminine power, when women have been excluded for so long from critical power structures? The hot-pink “Girlboss Boot Camp” asks exactly that. A center reinforced by chaotic-looking but structurally sound woven rainbow stripes anchors the otherwise flimsy structure of the work, as the pink base has been cut away and rolled into tight feminine curls. Meanwhile a rigid “staircase” has no destination on the left, and a large swath of pink is interrupted by a large black X. What is out of bounds? What must be sacrificed? What must be transgressed to inhabit spaces traditionally reserved for others?

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