A self-portrait collage. The artist's head in the center: a young woman with a dark pixie cut, bright red lips, bold brows, and bags beneath her eyes. She is surrounded by blue and red paper creating a series of overlapping "frames." Above and below her, text that appears to be cut from different sources reads "Frame This."

“Frame This” (2022)
Paper, ink
A deceptive self-portrait. The subject is a disembodied head, fragmented into sections, surrounded by a series of layered blue and red frames, with text that appears to be cut from magazines. The subject is divided, confined, and even her words are not her own… or are they? The head’s defiant stare dares the viewer to look closer at how her wholeness emerges from her disparate parts, at how she does not fit neatly into the frames surrounding her, at how the bags beneath her eyes do not strip the power from her bold lips and arched brow. The letters are not, in fact, found clippings but instead made by hand by the artist. Go ahead and frame her however you’d like. Who’s really in charge of the narrative?

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